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Meeting Recordings

October 17, 2022, CDEFG: Geologic map production at the Ohio Geological Survey by J.D. Stucker.

September 12, 2022, CDEFG: Geologic map production at the Washington Geological Survey by Susan Schnur and Ashley Cabibbo.

August 8, 2022, CDEFG: Map, Review and Publish in 1 year—How we do it in Wyoming by James Amato, Wyoming State Geological Survey.

May 9, 2022, CDEFG: Overview of Jupyter Notebooks by Richie Erickson, USGS and lightning talk use cases by Pedro Rivera and Travis Naibert, DGGS.

April 11, 2022, CDEFG: ArcGIS feature templates by Amy Macpherson, DGGS and open discussion.

February 14, 2022, CDEFG: Data sources, map collars, Tasks, and more. Unfortunately only the first 3.7 minutes recorded. Sorry!

January 10, 2022, CDEFG: Quality control and using Data Reviewer by Mike Hendricks, DGGS.

December 13, 2021, CDEFG: Hierarchy keys by Kenzie Turner, Kathleen Warrell, and Evan Thoms, USGS.

November 8, 2021, CDEFG: How to standardize map unit abbreviations without using special characters, Trish Ekberg, MBMG.

October 4, 2021, CDEFG: Making polygons for Surficial and Bedrock: same approach but different users, schemas, tools, and mxd, by Étienne Girard from Natural Resources Canada.

September 13, 2021, CDEFG: Demo of the digitization technique using ArcScan, by Chris Connallon, MGS and discussion.

July 12, 2021, CDEFG: Attribute Rules and Dictionary Symbology in ArcGIS Pro Help Streamline Geologic Map Compilation in GeMS, by Tracey Felger, USGS.

May 10, 2021, CDEFG: Jordan Hastings: GeMS-in-Excel; Evan Thoms: many-to-many relationships; Andrew Zaffos: GeMS ArcPro toolbar

April 12, 2021, CDEFG: Stack unit mapping in GeMS by Illinois Geological Survey

February 8, 2021, CDEFG: Surficial data in GeMS by Caroline Rose, Wisconsin Geological & Natural History Survey

January 11, 2021, CDEFG: Basemaps in GeMS, part 2

December 14, 2020, CDEFG: Presentation on basemaps for GeMS-format geodatabases by Matt Johnson from the Indiana Geological & Water Survey

November 16, 2020, CDEFG:GeMS symbology issues and presentation by Rosemary Fasselin, UGS GeMS symbology issues and presentation by Rosemary Fasselin, UGS-20201116 1906-1.mp4

October 19, 2020, CDEFG:GeMS database compliance and related USGS scripts facilitated by Ralph Haugerud, Evan Thoms, and Dave Soller

September 14, 2020, CDEFG:Presentation by Mike Hendricks, Alaska on GeMS Style files

August 10, 2020, CDEFG:3D presentations by Indiana and Canada 3D presentations by Matt Johnson, Indiana Geological & Water Survey and Boyan Brodaric, Natural Resources-20200810 1802-1.mp4

May 11, 2020, CDEFG:3D issues related to the new NGMDB Phase 3 initiative

April 13, 2020, CDEFG: 3D presentations by Illinois and Alaska presentations_by_Illinois_and_Alaska-20200413_1807-1.mp4

March 9, 2020, CDEFG: NGMDB’s Phase Three and related upcoming opportunities’s_Phase_Three_and_related_upcoming_opportunities-20200309_1809-1.mp4

February 10, 2020, CDEFG: Diagramming ArcGIS databases and more

January 13, 2020, CDEFG: GeMS Glossary

December 9, 2019, CDEFG: Finding_homes_for_geologic_features_in_GeMS

October 7, 2019, CDEFG: GeMS multi-map project and documentation update

September 3, 2019, CDEFG: FEDMAP project presentation

February 11, 2019, CDEFG Data Reviewer and more

Presentations & Files

August 8, 2022, Wyoming State Geological Survey's map review checklist, shared by James Amato

May 9, 2022, Resources from Richie Erickson, USGS, who presented on Jupyter Notebooks, including a curated list of tutorials at and a related paper at

February 14, 2022, Presentation by James Amato of the Wyoming State Geological Survey, Best practice to remove map collars from ArcMap files for geotiff, kmz, and other georegistered uses

February 9, 2022, ArcGIS Pro Tasks: An Introduction (video; 2021 User Conference, posted with permission from Esri)

January 10, 2022, Presentation by Mike Hendricks of DGGS on quality control and using Esri's Data Reviewer

November 8, 2021, Presentation by Trish Ekberg of the Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology on map unit abbreviations without special characters and spreadsheet of ideas from different agencies

August 9, 2021, Notes from CDEFG discussion on automations and tools needs for GeMS and map processing

May 10, 2021, Arizona Geological Survey's GitHub repository for development of their ArcPro Toolbar:

May 5, 2021, Alaska publications on the AK GeMS extension. Data Dictionary Version 1.1, XML workspace document, and style file are now available, as well as a DMT'20 presentation and text explaining differences between Alaska's GeMS extension and USGS' GeMS

April 22, 2021, Compilation of several states' draft GeMS glossaries. Please note the glossaries are works in progress in all the states that contributed. The compilation is meant to show examples of glossary terms in a searchable format. This file may be updated in the future.

April 12, 2021, Presentation by Emily Bunse and Janet Camarca of the Illinois Geological Survey on Converting Surficial, Stack-Unit Maps to GeMS

March 4, 2021, Quality control and Esri's Data Reviewer presentation by Mike Hendricks, AK DGGS

December 14, 2020, Presentation by Matt Johnson of the Indiana Geological & Water Survey on basemaps

June 9, 2020, Files associated with AK-GeMS presentation at DMT'20: AK-GeMS draft data dictionary (final versions of these drafts are available from the link above) (note this is a new version as of 6/17/20 and includes our Glossary) and blank geodatabase v1.1

April 13, 2020, <AK_GeMS_Layer_Support_to CDEFG_13_Apr_2020.pptx> CDEFG_13_Apr_2020.pptx

February 10, 2020, <gems_CDEFG_mtg_10_Feb_2020.pptx>

December 9, 2020, <geocornholing20191209.xlsx>

November 12, 2019, <Communication20191112_jea.pptx>

October 7, 2019, <gems_CDEFG_mtg_06_Oct_1019.pptx>

August 12, 2019, <gems_CDEFG_mtg_12_Aug_1019.pptx>

May 13, 2019, <DMT2019_Athey_GeMSenterprise.pptx>

March 11, 2019 <GeMS_Bedrock_Surficial_Topological_Considerations.pptx>

February 11, 2019 <presentation20190211.pptx>

January 14, 2019 <GeMS_delta_feature_classes_comments.docx>