Moran (Melozitna and Tanana Quadrangles) Geophysical Survey

The digital data below was produced from airborne geophysical surveys conducted in 2009 for the Moran survey area in the south-central Melozitna mining district, Melozitna and Tanana quadrangles, central Alaska. Aeromagnetic, electromagnetic (EM), and radiometric data were acquired by helicopter for about 653 sq miles. Fugro Airborne Survey's frequency-domain DIGHEM V system was used for the EM data. It includes (1) raw and processed linedata; (2) gridded, Google Earth, and Geotiff formats of the calculated linedata; (3) maps of the data; and (4) vector files of data contours and flight lines. A future publication will include the technical project report, interpretation map, and EM anomalies, as well as other files.

Available Data Metadata Overview
File Name Data File Format Download File Size
GPR2010-1_mag_contours Vector data Download 94.6 M
GPR2010-1_radiometric_contours Vector data Download 129.0 M
GPR2010-1_res_contours_fligh_path Vector data Download 90.9 M
GPR2010-1_maps-HPGL2_01-09 Plot files Download 133.9 M
GPR2010-1_maps-HPGL2_10-19 Plot files Download 137.6 M
GPR2010-1_maps-HPGL2_20-28 Plot files Download 136.3 M
GPR2010-1_linedata_mag_em-XYZ Line data XYZ files Download 186.6 M
GPR2010-1_linedata_rad-XYZ Line data XYZ files Download 52.6 M
GPR2010-1_linedata_mag_em-GDB Line data GDB files Download 272.0 M
GPR2010-1_linedata_rad-GDB Line data GDB files Download 104.2 M
GPR2010-1_grids-GRD Gridded data Geosoft format Download 173.3 M
GPR2010-1_grids-ERS Gridded data ER Mapper Download 173.1 M
GPR2010-1_kmz_files Google Earth files Download 95.9 M
GPR2010-1_geotiffs Georeferenced raster files Download 51.7 M
GPR2010-1_maps-PDF_01-14 Adobe PDF files Download 105.4 M
GPR2010-1_maps-PDF_15-28 Adobe PDF files Download 97.4 M


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  • GPR 2010-1. Line, grid, and vector data, and maps for the airborne geophysical survey of the Moran Survey Area, Melozitna and Tanana quadrangles, central Alaska. 2 linedata files, 19 grids, 20 GeoTIFFs and Google Earth KMZ files, 15 vector files, and 28 maps (56 sheets total) available on DVD for $10. Individual sheets available for purchase.