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    Short notes on Alaska Geology 1995
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    Combellick, R.A., and Tannian, Fran, eds.
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    Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys 
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    The text for this online version of Professional Report 117 (originally scanned from a printed copy of the report) has been recovered from original digital files (from a program that is no longer available). Although the text is complete, pages and lines sometimes break differently than in the original publication. Please notify us if you find that any part of this report has been omitted or corrupted in the process of improving its appearance. If you have questions, please contact us (dggs.pubs@alaska.gov, 907-451-5020, or by mail, Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys; Attention: Publications; 3354 College Road; Fairbanks, AK 99709-3707).
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    Alaska General; Anchorage; Barter Island; Beechey Point; Bendeleben; Demarcation Point; Dixon Entrance; Flaxman Island; Fort Yukon; Iditarod; Iliamna; Kenai; Lake Clark; Lime Hills; Mount Michelson; Nome; Philip Smith Mountains; Sagavanirktok; Seldovia; Seward; Solomon; Teller; Tyonek

Bibliographic Reference

Combellick, R.A., and Tannian, Fran, eds., 1995, Short notes on Alaska Geology 1995: Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys Professional Report 117, 116 p. http://doi.org/10.14509/2316

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    • PR 117ACombellick, R.A., and Pinney, D.S., 1995, Radiocarbon age of probable Hayes Tephra, Kenai Peninsula, Alaska, p. 1-9.
    • PR 117BHawkins, D.B., 1995, Geochemistry of saline lakes of the northeastern Yukon Flats, east-central Alaska, p. 11-18.
    • PR 117CMeigs, A.J., and Imm, T.A., 1995, Geometry and deformation of a duplex and its roof layer: observations from the Echooka Anticlinorium, northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska, p. 19-31.
    • PR 117DReger, R.D., Combellick, R.A., and Brigham-Grette, Julie, 1995, Late-Wisconsin events in the Upper Cook Inlet region, southcentral Alaska, p. 33-45.
    • PR 117EReger, R.D., and Hopkins, D.M., 1995, Stratigraphy and implications of a lakeside section, Glacial Lake, southwestern Kigluaik Mountains, Seward Peninsula, Alaska, p. 47-52.
    • PR 117FReifenstuhl, R.R., 1995, Lithofacies, petrology, and petrophysics of the Kemik Sandstone (Lower Cretaceous), eastern Arctic Slope, Alaska, p. 53-67.
    • PR 117GSavage, N.M., and Blodgett, R.B., 1995, A new species of the conodont amydrotaxis from the early Devonian of southwestern Alaska, p. 69-73.
    • PR 117HSavage, N.M., and Gehrels, G.E., 1995, Early Devonian and Late Triassic conodonts from Annette and Hotspur Islands, southeastern Alaska, p. 75-77.
    • PR 117ISzumigala, D.J., 1995, Mineralization and zoning of polymetallic veins in the Beaver Mountains volcano-plutonic complex, Iditarod Quadrangle, west-central Alaska, p. 79-95.
    • PR 117JYoung, L.E., 1995, Possible thrust windows on the central Seward Peninsula, Alaska, p. 97-113.


Age Dates; Arctic National Wildlife Refuge; Brooks Range; C14; CIPW Norms; Carbonates; Conodonts; Depositional Environment; Devonian; Evaporites; Faulting; Fossils; Geochemistry; Geochronology; Glacial Geology; Glacial Processes; Gold; Hydrology; Major Oxides; Marine Transgressions; Measured Stratigraphic Section; Metamorphism; Mineralogy; Mining; Modal Analysis; Ore Deposit Model; Paleontology; Palynology; Peat; Petroleum; Pleistocene; Reconstructions; Reservoir Evaluation; Sedimentation; Seward Peninsula; Stratigraphy; Structure; Surface Water; Tectonics; Thermal Alteration Index; Vegetation

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