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Pinney, D.S., and Duenwald, E.S., 2001, Directory of aggregate, rock, and soil producers in Alaska (updated 2001): Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys Information Circular 32, 19 p. http://doi.org/10.14509/2772

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Armor Rock; Asphalt; Asphalt Aggregate; Asphalt Concrete; Base Course; Bituminous Sand and Gravel; Concrete; Concrete Aggregate; Concrete Blocks; Concrete Sand; Construction Materials; Crushed Asphalt; Crushed Gravel; Crushed Rock; Drain Rock; Engineering Geology; Filter Sand; Masonry Mortar Sand; Miscellaneous Fill Materials; Pavement Products; Peat; Pit-Run Gravel; Pre-Cast Concrete; Ready-Mix Concrete; Rip Rap; Rocks; Sand; Sand and Gravel; Screened Aggregate; Shot Rock; Soils; Tailings; Top Soil

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