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Kassarie, Kern, 2008

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Kassarie, Kern, 2008, Geology and hydrocarbon potential of the Beaufort Sea, Alaska, based on geophysical data: Boca Raton, Florida, Florida Atlantic University, M.S. thesis.


Analysis of 2D seismic reflection profiles, magnetic anomaly data, and four well logs reveals that the continental shelf of the Beaufort Sea is in many ways, a direct geologic extension of the prolific oil and gas province of the North Slope of Alaska. Stratigraphy is divided into four sequences. The organic-rich shales are characterized as potential source rocks and the carbonates and marine to nonmarine sandstones are interpreted to be the reservoir rocks. Structural interpretation has revealed the presence of five structures capable of trapping hydrocarbons. These structures were identified as the Barrow arch, Camden anticline, Dinkum graben, shale diapirs and normal faults. The combination of these structures and stratigraphy offer petroleum exploration companies a promising target for large accumulations of hydrocarbons.

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