DGGS GB 7 vol. 2

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    Bedrock geology of the eastern Koyukuk basin, central Brooks Range, and east-central Arctic Slope along the Dalton Highway, Yukon River to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, Volume 2
  • Authors:

    Mull, C.G., and Adams, K.E., eds.
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    Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys 
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    Arctic; Beaver; Beechey Point; Bettles; Chandalar; Chandler Lake; De Long Mountains; Demarcation Point; Harrison Bay; Howard Pass; Ikpikpuk River; Killik River; Livengood; Lookout Ridge; Mount Michelson; Noatak; Philip Smith Mountains; Point Hope; Point Lay; Sagavanirktok; Table Mountain; Tanana; Umiat; Utukok River; Wiseman

Bibliographic Reference

Mull, C.G., and Adams, K.E., eds., 1989, Bedrock geology of the eastern Koyukuk basin, central Brooks Range, and east-central Arctic Slope along the Dalton Highway, Yukon River to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, Volume 2: Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys Guidebook 7 vol. 2, 167 p., 1 sheet, scale 1:2,851,200. http://doi.org/10.14509/2875

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    • GB 7-10Dillon, J.T., 1989, Structure and stratigraphy of the southern Brooks Range and northern Koyukuk basin near the Dalton Highway, p. 157-187.
    • GB 7-11Blum, J.D., Dillon, J.T., and Blum, A.E., 1989, Regional significance of the Jim River and Hodzana plutons, p. 189-190.
    • GB 7-12Smith, D.T., and Dillon, J.T., 1989, Gravity-and-magnetic model of the Dalton Highway corridor through the Brooks Range, p. 191-194.
    • GB 7-13Dillon, J.T., Lamal, K.K., and Huber, J.A., 1989, Gold deposits in the upper Koyukuk and Chandalar mining districts, p. 195-201.
    • GB 7-14Mull, C.G., Adams, K.E., and Dillon, J.T., 1989, Stratigraphy and structure of the Doonerak fenster and Endicott Mountains allochthon, central Brooks Range, p. 203-217.
    • GB 7-15Moore, T.E., Nilsen, T.H., and Brosge, W.P., 1989, Sedimentology of the Kanayut Conglomerate, p. 219-252.
    • GB 7-16Armstrong, A.K., and Mamet, B.L., 1989, Stratigraphy of the Lisburne Group in the central Brooks Range, p. 253-265.
    • GB 7-17Adams, K.E., and Siok, J.P., 1989, Permian stratigraphy in the Atigun Gorge area: A transition between the Echooka and Siksikpuk Formations, p. 267-276.
    • GB 7-18Bodnar, D.A., 1989, Stratigraphy of the Otuk Formation and a Cretaceous coquinoid limestone and shale unit, northcentral Brooks Range, p. 277-284.
    • GB 7-19Siok, J.P., 1989, Stratigraphy and petrology of the Okpikruak Formation at Cobblestone Creek, northcentral Brooks Range, p. 285-292.
    • GB 7-20Crowder, R.K., 1989, Deposition of the Fortress Mountain Formation, p. 293-301.
    • GB 7-21Huffman, A.C., Jr., 1989, The Nanushuk Group, p. 303-309.
  • Maps & Other Oversized SheetsMaps & Other Oversized Sheets

    • Sheet 1 Gravity and aeromagnetically modeled cross section of the Dalton Highway Corridor through the southern Brooks Range, Alaska, scale 1:2,851,200 (7.0 M)


Aeromagnetic Survey; Age Dates; Alaska Pipeline; Ambler Volcanics; Angayucham Terrane; Angayucham Thrust; Antimony; Arctic Alaska Terrane; Arctic National Wildlife Refuge; Atigun River; Brookian Sequence; Climate; Coquinoid Limestone; Depositional Environment; Doonerak Fenster; Echooka Formation; Economic Geology; Ellesmerian Sequence; Foraminifera; Fortress Mountain Formation; Franklinian Sequence; Geomorphology; Glacial Geology; Glaciation; Gold; Gravity Survey; Historic Resources; Hodzana Pluton; Hunt Fork Shale; Jim River Pluton; Kanayut Conglomerate; Kayak Shale; Kekiktuk Conglomerate; Lisburne Group; Magnetometer Survey; Malemute-South Fork Fault; Measured Stratigraphic Section; Metamorphism; Mining; Modal Analysis; Mosquito Terrane; Nanushuk Formation; National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska; Noatak Sandstone; Okpikruak Formation; Otuk Formation; Paleocurrent; Paleogeography; Permafrost; Petrography; Petroleum; Petrology; Pingos; Placer; Prudhoe Bay; Reconstructions; Reservoir Model; Road Log; Ruby Terrane; Sadlerochit Group; Sedimentation; Shublik Formation; Siksikpuk Formation; Size Analysis; Stratigraphy; Tectonics; Vegetation; Yukon-Koyukuk Basin

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