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Ward, P.L., 1967

Volcanic and seismic activity in Katmai National Monument, Alaska

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Ward, P.L., 1967, Volcanic and seismic activity in Katmai National Monument, Alaska: New York City, New York, Columbia University, M.S. thesis, 78 p., illust., maps.


A compilation of observations of volcanic eruptions since 1870 and ash stratigraphy show that Katmai National Monument on the Alaska Peninsula has had a long history of volcanic activity. Six of the recently active vents lie in a gently curved arc, but two lie to the north of this arc and show no obvious structural relationship to it. Recent volcanic events have consisted of fumarolic activity, steaming from main vents, ash eruptions, extrusion of viscous lava flows, and pyroclastic eruptions. The observed activity shows no obvious correlation with a compilation of seismic events recorded teleseismically since 1912 and relocated by the authors using a digital computer. The eruption attributed to Mt. Katmai in 1912 has left many unanswered questions including the thickness of the ash flow tuff in the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes. Seismic refraction results show that this tuff has a compressional velocity of about 0.6 km/sec and that considerable morainal debris may underlie it at the northern end of the valley.

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