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  • Title:

    Short Notes on Alaska Geology 2003
  • Authors:

    Clautice, K.H., and Davis, P.K., eds.
  • Publication Date:

    Aug 2003
  • Publisher:

    Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys 
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  • Quadrangle(s):

    Healy; Juneau; McGrath; Medfra; Sagavanirktok; Saint Lawrence; Skagway; Talkeetna Mountains; Taylor Mountains; Teller

Bibliographic Reference

Clautice, K.H., and Davis, P.K., eds., 2003, Short Notes on Alaska Geology 2003: Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys Professional Report 120, 118 p. http://doi.org/10.14509/2907

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  • Chapter information:

    • PR 120AAmato, J.M., Miller, E.L., Calvert, A.T., Toro, Jaime, and Wright, J.E., 2003, Potassic magmatism on St. Lawrence Island, Alaska, and Cape Dezhnev, northeast Russia: evidence for Early Cretaceous subduction in the Bering Strait Region, p. 1-20.
    • PR 120BGage, B.G., and Newberry, R.J., 2003, Ore mineralogy and mineral compositions from Golden Zone Mine, southcentral Alaska, p. 21-33.
    • PR 120CGreen, D., MacVeigh, J.G., Palmer, Merrill, Watkinson, D.H., and Orchard, M.J., 2003, Stratigraphy and geochemistry of the RW zone, a new discovery at the Glacier Creek VMS Prospect, Palmer property, Porcupine mining district, southeastern Alaska, p. 35-51.
    • PR 120DMontayne, Simone, and Whalen, M.T., 2003, A Permian cool-water limestone from the Chulitna terrane, southcentral Alaska, p. 53-62.
    • PR 120ERedman, Earl, Caddey, Stan, Harvey, Dave, and Jaworski, Mike, 2003, Gold mineralization and structural controls in the Kensington Mine and Berners Bay area, Southeast Alaska, p. 63-69.
    • PR 120FReifenstuhl, R.R., and Reifenstuhl, A.E., 2003, Preliminary petrographic study of 11 Mississippian to Tertiary age sandstones, Sagavanirktok Quadrangle, Brooks Range foothills and North Slope, Alaska, p. 71-81.
    • PR 120GRohr, D.M., and Blodgett, R.B., 2003, Gastropod opercula from the Silurian and Devonian of Alaska, p. 83-86.
    • PR 120HRohr, D.M., Blodgett, R.B., and Fryda, J., 2003, New Silurian Murchisoniid gastropods from Alaska and a review of the genus Coelocaulus, p. 87-93.
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    • PR 120JSchmidt, J.M., Werdon, M.B., and Wardlaw, Bruce, 2003, New mapping near Iron Creek, Talkeetna Mountains, indicates presence of Nikolai greenstone, p. 101-108.
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