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  • Title:

    Historically active volcanoes of Alaska reference deck
  • Authors:

    Cameron, C.E., Hendricks, K.A., and Nye, C.J.
  • Publication Date:

    Dec 2017
  • Publisher:

    Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys 
  • Comments:

    IC 59 v.2 is an unusual publication; it is in the format of playing cards! Each full-color card provides the location and photo of a historically active volcano and up to four icons describing its historical activity. The icons represent characteristics of the volcano, such as a documented eruption, fumaroles, deformation, or earthquake swarms; a legend card is provided. The IC 59 playing card deck was originally released in 2009 when AVO staff noticed the amusing coincidence of exactly 52 historically active volcanoes in Alaska. Since 2009, we've observed previously undocumented persistent, hot fumaroles at Tana and Herbert volcanoes. Luckily, with a little help from the jokers, we can still fit all of the historically active volcanoes in Alaska on a single card deck. We hope our users have fun while learning about Alaska’s active volcanoes.
    Card design by Hendricks, K.A. Made in the USA.
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    Alaska General

Bibliographic Reference

Cameron, C.E., Hendricks, K.A., and Nye, C.J., 2017, Historically active volcanoes of Alaska reference deck: Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys Information Circular 59 v. 2, 4 p. http://doi.org/10.14509/29738

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Active Volcanoes; Alaska Peninsula; Alaska, State of; Aleutian Islands; Aleutian Peninsula; Aleutian Range; Coastal and River; Geology; Geomorphology; Hazards; Historic Eruption; Volcanic Eruption; Volcanic Rocks; Volcanoes; Volcanology

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