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    Short Notes on Alaskan Geology - 1977
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    Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys
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    Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys 
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    Alaska General; Ambler River; Anchorage; Bendeleben; Big Delta; Blying Sound; Chignik; Circle; Cordova; Craig; Dixon Entrance; Fairbanks; Goodnews Bay; Healy; Iditarod; Iliamna; Kaguyak; Karluk; Kenai; Ketchikan; Kodiak; Livengood; McGrath; Middleton Island; Mount Katmai; Nome; Port Moller; Prince Rupert; Seldovia; Seward; Simeonof Island; Solomon; Stepovak Bay; Sutwik Island; Talkeetna Mountains; Tanana; Teller; Trinity Islands; Ugashik; Valdez; Wiseman

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Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys, 1977, Short Notes on Alaskan Geology - 1977: Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys Geologic Report 55, 50 p. http://doi.org/10.14509/391

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    • GR 55ABlodgett, R.B., 1977, A Givetian (late Middle Devonian) fauna from Healy B-4 Quadrangle, central Alaska Range, Alaska, p. 1-2.
    • GR 55BPessel, G.H., 1977, Probable karst topography near Jade Mountains, southwestern Brooks Range, Alaska, p. 3-5.
    • GR 55CCarden, J.R., and Decker, J.E., 1977, Tectonic significance of the Knik River schist terrane, south-central Alaska, p. 7-9.
    • GR 55DTurner, D.L., Herreid, G.H., and Bundtzen, T.K., 1977, Geochronology of southern Prince of Wales Island, Alaska, p. 11-16.
    • GR 55EMotyka, R.J., 1977, Katmai Caldera: Glacier growth, lake rise and geothermal activity, p. 17-21.
    • GR 55FSwainbank, R.C., Smith, T.E., and Turner, D.L., 1977, Geology and K-Ar age of mineralized intrusive rocks from the Chulitna mining district, central Alaska, p. 23-28.
    • GR 55GBundtzen, T.K., and Reger, R.D., 1977, The Richardson lineament - a structural control for gold deposits in the Richardson mining district, interior Alaska, p. 29-34.
    • GR 55HConwell, C.N., 1977, Boulder Creek tin lode deposits, p. 35-38.
    • GR 55IMetz, P.A., 1977, Comparison of mercury-antimony-tungsten mineralization of Alaska with strata-bound cinnabar-stibnite-scheelite deposits of the Circum-Pacific and Mediterranean regions, p. 39-41.
    • GR 55JDillon, J.T., 1977, Earthquake recurrence and location in the western Gulf of Alaska, p. 43-47.


Age Dates; Antimony; Arsenic; Arthopods; Border Ranges Fault; Brachiopods; Chulitna Ophiolite; Coelenterates; Copper; Copper Mountain Pluton; Core Logs; Descon Formation; Fossils; Geochemistry; Geothermal; Givetian; Glaciology; Gold; Heat Flow Study; Hot Springs; Katmai Hot Springs; Knik River Schist; Lead; Major Oxides; Metallurgy; Metamorphic Minerals; Mining; Molybdenum; Ordovician; Paleontology; Peridotite; Precambrian; Production Data; Resource Assessment; Silurian; Silver; Sink Holes; Spring Chemistry; Structure; Tectonics; Temperature Profiles; Tin; Titanium; Trace Metals; Uranium; Volcanology; Wales Group

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