Welcome to the Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys

Our mission: Determine the potential of Alaskan land for production of metals, minerals, fuels, and geothermal resources, the locations and supplies of groundwater and construction material, and the potential geologic hazards to buildings, roads, bridges, and other installations and structures (AS 41.08.020).


  • New release! 2017 Data Stewardship Survey results - RDF 2017-3
  • New release! Surficial geologic map of the Shaktoolik area, Norton Bay Quadrangle, Alaska - RI 2017-5
  • New release! U-Pb and Lu-Hf isotope, age, and trace-element data from zircons at four sites in the western Alaska Range and Talkeetna Mountains, Alaska - RDF 2017-2
  • New release! 40Ar/39Ar data from rocks collected in the 2015 Wrangellia mineral assessment project area, Mount Hayes A-5, Mount Hayes B-6, and Talkeetna Mountains D-2 quadrangles, Alaska - RDF 2017-1
  • New release! Deep-water canyons and sequence-stratigraphic framework of the Upper Jurassic Naknek Formation, south-central Alaska - RI 2017-4
  • New release! Field trip guide: Sedimentology, reservoir quality, and tectonic setting of late Miocene-early Pliocene gas-bearing formations, upper Cook Inlet, Alaska. - MP 161
  • New release! Slope instability drilling program, Tonsina Hill, Alaska - PIR 2017-1
  • New release! Field trip guide: The 1964 Great Alaska Earthquake and its predecessors in the Anchorage and Turnagain Arm areas - MP 162