Welcome to the Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys

Our mission: Determine the potential of Alaskan land for production of metals, minerals, fuels, and geothermal resources, the locations and supplies of groundwater and construction material, and the potential geologic hazards to buildings, roads, bridges, and other installations and structures (AS 41.08.020).


  • New release! Alaska Geologic Information Center - IC 66
  • New release! Geochemical evaluation, including whole oil gas chromatography, aromatic biomarkers, saturate gcms, isotopes, metals, MSMS, SARA composition and sulfur from an oil sample from the Stinson #1 well - GMC 443
  • New release! Volcanology at DGGS - IC 74
  • New release! Alaska's mineral industry 2017 - SR 73
  • New release! Major-oxide and trace-element geochemical data from rocks collected in 2018 for the Northeast Tanacross project, Tanacross C-1, C-2, D-1, and D-2 quadrangles, Alaska - RDF 2018-4
  • New release! 40Ar/39Ar data from the Tanacross D-1 and D-2, Big Delta B-4 and B-5, and Mount Hayes A-6 quadrangles, Alaska - RDF 2018-3
  • New release! Geologic map of the Umiat-Gubik area, central North Slope, Alaska - RI 2018-6
  • New release! Updated tsunami inundation maps for Homer and Seldovia, Alaska - RI 2018-5