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Iron Creek Geophysical Survey

The digital data below was produced from airborne geophysical surveys conducted in 1997 for the Iron Creek survey area in the Talkeetna Mountains Quadrangle. Many of the files for this release were published on paper and available by mail order beginning in 1998. This updated data release provides a compilation of the previously published paper files (in PDF format) and the originating data files that were acquired from the contractor. The airborne data were acquired and processed under contract between the State of Alaska, Department of Natural Resources, Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys (DGGS), and WGM, Inc. Geoterrex-Dighem, the subcontractor, acquired and processed the data in 1997 and 1998.

Available Data Metadata Overview
File Name Data File Format File Size Info
Download iron-creek-vector-data Vector data 117.4 M Read me
Download iron-creek-maps-hpp-format Plot files 154.3 M Read me
Download iron-creek-databases-geosoft Linedata Geosoft format database 79.6 M Read me
Download iron-creek-grids-geosoft Gridded data Geosoft format 6.4 M Read me
Download iron-creek-grids-ermapper Gridded data ER Mapper 12.8 M Read me
Download iron-creek-kmz Google Earth files 16.8 M Read me
Download iron-creek-images-registered Georeferenced raster files 25.2 M Read me
Download iron-creek-documents Adobe PDF files 13.9 M Read me
Download iron-creek-maps-pdf-format Adobe PDF files 266.1 M Read me
Download iron-creek-ascii-data ASCII tabular files 286.7 M Read me


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