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Interactive Maps and Web Apps

Geologic Materials Center Inventory thumbnail image

Geologic Materials Center Inventory

This interactive map allows users to view inventory details of the Alaska GMC sample repository. See citation details.

Geologic Photos of Alaska thumbnail image

Geologic Photos of Alaska

This interactive map displays our current (and ever-changing) collection of geologically interesting photos in and around Alaska. See citation details.

Elevation Datasets in Alaska thumbnail image

Elevation Portal

This interactive map displays known public-domain elevation datasets in Alaska. See citation details.

Alaska Elevation Data Status thumbnail image

Alaska Elevation Data Status

The Alaska Elevation Data Status Web App shows the status and metadata of both existing and in-production elevation datasets in Alaska.

Geologic Map Index of Alaska thumbnail image

Geologic Map Index of Alaska

Map Index provides outlines of DGGS and USGS geology-related maps of Alaska. See citation details.

Quaternary Faults and Folds (QFF) thumbnail image

Quaternary Faults and Folds (QFF)

This interactive map displays locations and relative activity of Alaska's faults and folds. See citation details.

Alaska Coastal Profile Tool thumbnail image

Alaska Coastal Profile Tool

This tool enables access to beach elevation profile measurements collected in Alaska since the 1960's. See citation details.

Alaska Shoreline Change Tool thumbail image

Alaska Shoreline Change Tool

This interactive tool displays historic and predicted shoreline position throughout Alaska. See citation details.

Historically Active Volcanoes of Alaska thumbnail image

Historically Active Volcanoes

This interactive map displays the location of historically active volcanoes of Alaska. See citation details.

Alaska Geologic Data Index (AGDI) thumbnail image

Alaska Geologic Data Index (AGDI)

AGDI includes information about industry reports and maps, field notes, drill logs, and other unpublished geology-related data. See citation details.

Airborne GeophysWeb thumbnail image

Geophysical Surveys Web App

This interactive map displays the geophysical survey boundaries, survey grid rasters, and other related survey data. See citation details.

Alaska Tsunami Inundation thumbnail image

Alaska Tsunami Inundation Maps

This interactive tool displays tsunami inundation maps in Alaska. See citation details.

Alaska Geochemistry

Alaska Geochemistry

This interactive tool provides Alaska geochemical data from multiple published sources. See citation details.

Geothermal Sites of Alaska

Geothermal Sites of Alaska

This interactive map provides comprehensive information on thermal springs, including temperature and flow rates, direct use, aqueous spring chemistry, physical samples, volcanic vents, geothermal wells, and borehole temperature data. See citation details.

Alaska Radon Web App

Alaska Radon Web App

This interactive map serves as a guide to where radon may occur in Alaska.

Exploration Geochemistry Web App

Exploration Geochemistry Web App

This online map presents a visualization of elements of economic interest for Alaska stream sediment samples.

Palynology Index

Palynology Index

An online index of published palynology literature and images compiled by Alaskan palynologist Robert Ravn. See citation details.

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