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Geologic Donations

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Future Growth

Growth for New Opportunities

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More than 95% of GMC collections are in-kind donations from energy and mining companies, government agencies, universities, native corporations, and engineering firms.

The GMC collections volume has steadily increased since 1984 and expanded more than 50% over the last three years. Our 90,000 square-foot repository houses more than 680,000 detailed samples. See the most recent additions to the collections.

Continuing Donations

The GMC depends on new donations to ensure a robust collection of Alaska samples. Many times, companies may face discarding or abandoning samples to minimize storage costs, but donating to the GMC is a great alternative.

The GMC Curator, in collaboration with affiliated geologists, will review all donations pending determination of geologic significance and human safety.

Donation Policy

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Please review the Donation and Storage Policy for information about acceptance and shipment of potential donations.


Kurt Johnson
GMC Curator
Phone: 907-754-3597
Email: kurt.johnson@alaska.gov

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