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Fleming, L.N., 1985

The strength and deformation characteristics of Alaskan offshore silts

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Fleming, L.N., 1985, The strength and deformation characteristics of Alaskan offshore silts: University of California, Berkeley, Ph.D. dissertation, 171 p., illust.


A comprehensive series of undrained shear tests were performed on representative samples of Alaskan silts in both the normally consolidated and overconsolidated state. The type of tests performed were triaxial compression and extension, torvane and miniature laboratory vane tests. It was found that the Alaskan silt exhibited dilative behavior during undrained shear. Also the silt is highly anisotropic with respect to the stress-strain characteristics and the undrained shear strength. Sample disturbance reduced the measured strength in the unconsolidated undrained test but increased the strength value measured in the consolidated undrained tests. The normalized strength parameter was shown to vary from one silt to another. The importance of evaluating the properties of each new silt deposit are described.

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