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Kay, Simon, 1990

Kennicott: A hazardous waste audit

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Kay, Simon, 1990, Kennicott: A hazardous waste audit: University of Alaska Anchorage, M.S. thesis, 85 p., (some folded) illust.


This thesis is an environmental audit of the Kennecott Mine site, an abandoned copper mine in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park. The type, amount, and location of environmental and human health hazards were investigated by an onsite survey. The site history, the local geology and potential for natural contaminants, and mining and ore processing methods were also studied. Analyses were performed on a wide variety of samples to characterize the types of contaminants. Estimates were made of quantities of contaminants. Major contaminants are asbestos, oil and grease, ore concentrates, and a variety of process and laboratory chemicals. Leaking oil tanks have contaminated soils; surface samples show a high total hydrocarbon content. All creeks and tailings leachates were drinking water quality, but further monitoring of ground and surface waters is advisable. No PCBs were found in any of the oil, soil, or water samples tested.

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