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DGGS PIR 2015-5

Energy-related studies during the 2014 field season, western Cook Inlet, Alaska

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Wartes, M.A., ed., 2015, Energy-related studies during the 2014 field season, western Cook Inlet, Alaska: Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys Preliminary Interpretive Report 2015-5, 62 p. https://doi.org/10.14509/29455

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Alaska Range Batholith; Arkose; Bajocian; Batholith; Bathonian; Bruin Bay Fault; Callovian; Channel; Chinitna Bay; Chinitna Formation; Chisik Conglomerate Member; Contact Metamorphism; Cook Inlet; Cook Inlet Basin; Cynthia Falls Sandstone; Dissected Arc; Early Jurassic; Energy; Energy Resources; Exploration; Facies Analysis; Fault Displacement; Faulting; Feldspar; Folds; Forearc Basin; Fossils; Gaikema Sandstone; Gas; Geochemistry; Geology; Hydrocarbon; Hydrocarbon Potential; Iliamna Volcano; Iniskin Bay; Iniskin Peninsula; Jurassic; Kimmeridgian; Late Jurassic; Late Triassic; Laumontite; Limestone; Marine Sedimentation; Marine Transgressions; Measured Sections; Mesozoic; Middle Jurassic; Naknek Formation; Oil and Gas; Oil and Gas Basin; Oxfordian; Paveloff Siltstone Member; Permeability; Petrography; Petroleum; Plutonic; Point Count; Pomeroy Arkose Member; Porosity; Pyroclastic Flow; Pyrolysis; Quartz; Red Glacier; Red Glacier Formation; Redoubt; Reservoir; Reservoir Quality; Rock-Eval Pyrolysis; Sandstone; Sediment Gravity Flow; Sedimentary; Sedimentology; Sequence Stratigraphy; Slope; Snug Harbor Siltstone Member; Source Rock; Strike-Slip Fault; Talkeetna Arc; Talkeetna Formation; Tuxedni Bay; Tuxedni Group; Type Section; Unconformity; Undissected Arc; Uplift; Ursus Head; Ursus Member; Volcanic; Volcanic Arc; Volcanic Rocks; Volcaniclastics; lower sandstone member

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