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DGGS RI 2014-1B

Updated tsunami inundation maps for Cordova, Alaska

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Suleimani, E.N., Nicolsky, D.J., and Salisbury, J.B., 2022, Updated tsunami inundation maps for Cordova, Alaska, in Nicolsky, D.J., Suleimani, E.N., and Koehler, R.D., Tsunami inundation maps of Cordova and Tatitlek, Alaska: Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys Report of Investigation 2014-1B, 26 p., 6 sheets. https://doi.org/10.14509/30868

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Active Fault; Alice Cove; Bathymetry; Big Point; Bluff Point; Bomb Point; Boswell Bay; Boulder Creek; Boy Scout Island; Canoe Creek; Canoe Passage; Canyon Creek; Cedar Bay; Cedar Creek; Channel Islands; City of Cordova; Coastal; Coastal and River; Coastal and River Hazards; Cordova; Crater Lake; Crystal Falls; DGGS; Deep Bay; Deep Creek; Digital Elevation Model; Earthquake; Earthquake Related Hazards; Earthquake Related Slope Failure; Eccles Creek; Eccles Lagoon; Emergency Preparedness; Engineering; Engineering Geology; Environmental; Evak; Eyak Lake; Eyak River; Faulting; Faults; Fleming Creek; Fleming Spit; Flood; Fox Point; Geologic; Geologic Communications; Geologic Hazards; Geological Process; Geology; Geomorphology; Geophysics; Geotechnical; Glacier River; Grass Island; Gravel Point; Gulf of Alaska; Hanks Island; Hartney Bay; Hartney Creek; Hawkins Island; Hazards; Hemlock Creek; Heney Creek; Heney Peak; Heney Range; Hidden Cove; Hidden Creek; Humpback Creek; Ibeck Creek; Inundation; Kenny Cove; Knot Point; Koppen Creek; Land Subsidence; Landslide; Marine Geology; Meals Lake; Meals Lake Dam; Milton Lake; Modeling; Mount Eccles; Mount Eyak; Mount Robert Korn; Mount Shiels; Mud Bay; Mummy Island; Nelson Bay; Nicolet Creek; North Island; Observation Island; Odiak Channel; Odiak Lagoon; Orca Bay; Orca Channel; Orca Creek; Orca Inlet; Pacific Ocean; Parson Falls Creek; Paul Creek; Point Whitshed; Raging Creek; Robinson Falls Creek; Rogue Creek; Rude River; Saddle Point; Sahlin Creek; Sahlin Falls; Sahlin Lagoon; Salmo Point; Scout Lake; Seismic Hazards; Seismology; Sheep Bay; Sheep Point; Sheep River; Shepard Point; Shipyard Bay; Shirttail Point; Simpson Bay; Simpson Creek; Slope; Slope Instability; Slope Instability Hazards; Snyder Falls Creek; Snyder Mountain; Spike Island; Spruce Creek; Strawberry Hill; Subsidence; Subsurface; Surface; Surface Fault Rupture; Surface Water; Surficial; Surficial Geology; Tectonics; The Narrows; Three Mile Bay; Tides; Tripod Hill; Tsunami; Wesley Falls Creek; Western Channel; Whiskey Cove; Windy Bay; Windy Creek; geoscientificInformation

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