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Mort C. Larsen

Mort C. Larsen

Landslide Hazards Program Manager

Geologic hazards, hillslope processes, engineering geology, neotectonics, geomorphology, structural geology, lidar, and photogrammetry

Education and/or Training

Ph.D. Candidate, 2009-2014, Montana State University
M.S. Geology, 2006, Humboldt State University
B.S. Geology, 2001, University of Montana
Professional Geologist No. PG-3950, Wyoming

Projects and/or Research Interests

Mort manages the State of Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys Landslide Hazards Program responsible for mapping and assessing landslides throughout Alaska. Mort's role as the manager is dedicated to understanding and quantifying landslide hazards and improving geologic hazard communication and coordination with other agencies and communities.

Mort's present research interests involve an integration of geomorphic processes, Quaternary stratigraphy, engineering geology, and remote sensing to assess and characterize landslide attributes and evolution.

Professional Experience

Senior Engineering Geologist (2015-2022), Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities, Southcoast Region
Project Geologist (2013-2015), Geologic Hazards/Mapping, Wyoming State Geological Survey
Project Geologist (2010-2013), Romios Gold Resources/Ethos Geological
Geologist III (2006-2009), GeoEngineers
Project Geologist (2002-2006), SounPacific Environmental Service

Selected Publications

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