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Nina T. Harun

Nina T. Harun

Database development, GIS, sandstone petrography, and coal

Education and/or Training

University of Alaska, Fairbanks (GIS, GIS Analysis, Scanning Electron Microscopy, X-ray Spectrometry)
University of Texas at Austin
M.S. 1988, University of Alaska, Fairbanks (Geology)
B.S. 1984, Beloit College, Beloit WI (Geology)

Projects and/or Research Interests

I am tasked with generating and implementing the DGGS energy database and with furthering the use of GIS in the section. I facilitate the transfer of energy section mapping data into ArcGIS, and the USGS GEMS standards. I also contribute to the DGGS coal program through generating data and reports of Alaskan coal for inclusion in the National Coal Resources Database System (NCRDS).

My background is in sedimentology and clastic petrology. I am particularly interested in depositional systems, sandstone diagenesis and provenance and their use in predicting reservoir quality. I have experience in evaluation, generation, and development of oil and gas prospects using 3-D and 2-D seismic data and well log data. I am experienced in sandstone petrography using microscope, scanning electron microscope, stable isotopic, microprobe and X-ray fluorescence analyses. At DGGS, I also helped generate the Geothermal Sites of Alaska map in ArcGIS.

Professional Experience

2013-present, Geologist, Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys, Fairbanks, AK
1996-2000, Exploration Geologist and Development Geologist, UNOCAL CORP, Houston, TX and Lafayette, LA

Selected Publications

Selected Presentations

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