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Energy Resources Staff

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image of LePain, David L.

LePain, David L.

Petroleum Geologist, (907) 451-5085

Applied sedimentology and stratigraphy, basin analysis, and petroleum geology

image of Gillis, Robert J.

Gillis, Robert J.

Geologist, (907) 451-5024

Structural geology, geologic mapping, thermochronology

image of Harun, Nina T.

Harun, Nina T.

Geologist, (907) 451-3191

Database development, GIS, sandstone petrography, and coal

image of Herriott, Trystan M.

Herriott, Trystan M.

Geologist, (907) 451-5011

Stratigraphy, sedimentology, geologic mapping, basin analysis

image of Wartes, Marwan A.

Wartes, Marwan A.

Geologist, (907) 451-5056

Stratigraphy, basin analysis, tectonics, and petroleum geology

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