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Alaska Geospatial Office

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The Alaska Geospatial Office (AGO) coordinates with public and private stakeholders across Alaska to develop and manage geographic information.

AGO works under five priority initiatives:

  1. building collaborative relationships;
  2. creating a shared geospatial framework;
  3. establishing data governance;
  4. providing access to decision-support tools; and
  5. enhancing geospatial capabilities and literacy through education and outreach.

Working together, state, federal, and local governments are improving geographic information and how it is shared. AGO administers the Alaska Geospatial Council, an independent advisory council for geospatial initiatives and the State of Alaska Geoportal, a one-stop-shop for geospatial data, maps, and apps managed by government agencies.


Dr. Lesile Jones
Geospatial Information Officer
Phone: 907-269-5710
Email: leslie.jones2@alaska.gov

Lesile Jones

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