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Alaska Geospatial Office

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The Alaska Geospatial Office (AGO) provides strategic oversight of the state's geospatial technology portfolio. AGO works to advance the use of geospatial technologies as a tool for better decision-making in Alaska. We accomplish this by coordinating statewide geospatial initiatives through the Alaska Geospatial Council and managing the State Geoportal for public access to the data, resulting in cost-effective ways to create, access, and apply geospatial data and technology. Our goal is to ensure that current, reliable, high-quality geospatial data are available and are easily accessible to decision-makers.


Coordinate the development and management of geographic information in Alaska and provide credible, timely and accurate geographic information for widespread use by decision-makers and Alaskans.

What we do

AGO is tasked with coordinating, managing, and maintaining the following:

  • Support development of a modern and robust Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) for Alaska
  • Facilitate inter-agency data sharing through management of the State Geoportal
  • Promote and support Alaska's Imagery and Elevation Programs
  • Administer and direct the Alaska Geospatial Council to coordinate mapping priorities for Alaska

Alaska's Open Data Geoportal

The state's Open Data Geoportal provides access to location-based data, maps, and applications, which makes the state's vast collection of spatial data easier for the public to locate and use. As a one-stop shop for access to spatial information in Alaska, this portal ensures decision-makers are accessing the most current and reliable data from agencies and organizations across the state. AGO coordinates with data managers across the state to develop consistent standards and workflows; and to improve data quality, access, and management standards, thereby ensuring long-term viability of the state's geospatial data assets.

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Alaska Geospatial Council

Alaska benefits from an engaged, enthusiastic, and cooperative geospatial community working in all parts of the state. The Alaska Geospatial Council (AGC) coordinates across federal, state, and local government agencies as well as university, tribal, native corporation, and private-stakeholder groups to improve geospatial information availability and use. The AGO administers the Council, providing leadership and coordination for a sustainable geospatial framework consisting of policy, standards, technology and data.


Dr. Lesile Jones
Geospatial Information Officer
Phone: 907-269-5710
Email: leslie.jones2@alaska.gov

Lesile Jones

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