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Hylogger - Photo credit: Geological Survey of South Australia

Photo credit: Geological Survey of South Australia

Welcome to the Spring Geologic Repositories Rock Sample Digitization webinar series co-hosted by the Alaska Geologic Materials Center (GMC) and the Alaska Geological Society (AGS). Additional support is provided by the USGS National Geological and Geophysical Data Preservation Program (NGGDPP), Alaska Oil and Gas Association (AOGA), Alaska Miners Association (AMA), and American Association of State Geologists (AASG).

These noontime webinars are held weekly on Wednesdays, February 23 through June 1 2022.

The talks will be given by technology providers, academia, and government bureaus with expertise and actual experiences in creating non-destructive analytical databases for rock sample archives.

Each presentation looks to extend the geologic community's use of repository collections though digitization of rock samples, including examples of cooperation and support across public, academic, and resource industry partnerships. The presentations also look to draw support from the geological community for the acquisition of technological capability and the opportunity to build modern regional integrated analytical rock sample datasets for the nation.

Presenters include: Halliburton - Ingrain, Core Laboratories, Zeiss, Specim, Photon Etc, Norwegian Petroleum Directorate - DISKOS, Geological Survey of South Australia, Australia National Virtual Core Library, Geological Survey of Newfoundland and Labrador, College of the North Atlantic, Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys, and more.

May 18: Data Acquisition Campaign for Alaska Reservoirs

  • Presenter:

    Jacob Proctor, CoreMemory™ Project Leader, Ingrain - A Halliburton Service
  • Virtual Meeting Link:

    MS Teams
  • When:

    Wednesday, May 18, 2022, 12-1pm AKDT
  • Description:

    This presentation will continue Ingrain's Digital Rock Analysis demonstration of materials and methods on Umiat energy well core. The purpose is to highlight solutions for important challenges in the Alaska North Slope and to demonstrate technology solutions included in a data acquisition campaign for Alaska Reservoirs. The previous talk in February included results from the nondestructive, surface data logging method CoreHD+. This product uses 3D Dual Energy (DE) computed tomography imaging and a proprietary calibration process. That product addressed the key challenges of rapid matrix heterogeneity analysis, and a thin bed -analysis using 0.3mm vertical resolution Bulk Density and Photoelectric factor logs and volumes.

    For the subsequent analysis, presented in this talk, destructive sample preparation was performed, and additional data had been collected to validate CoreHD+'s ability to accurately calibrate for clay volume fraction without collecting X-Ray Diffraction data. Five depth locations were chosen in the core using the machine-learning product FaciesML®, which choses sample depths based on the user specified log inputs. The product successfully provided the framework to upscale reservoir quality indicators for deriving a permeability log at 0.3mm resolution. Three dimensional pore scale measurements reveal pore shape, size and flow properties for illite clay; and the two dimensional scanning electron microscopy reveal isolated versus effective porosity, (without clay bound water porosity correction) and pore shape insight.

    The data are delivered in the viewing package Lithovision® being offered through Ingrains "Data Acquisition Campaign for Alaska Reservoirs". This consortium looks to leverage public and private geologic resources to bring key technology to Anchorage to help increase certainty in evaluating production potential, to help find bypassed pay in your assets, and to support advanced preservation of public rock collections.

Full Schedule

Date Presenter Organization Title
02/23 Jacob Proctor Ingrain - A Halliburton Service Addressing reservoir challenges in the North Slope and non-destructive dual energy CT
(video recording - 156 MB)
03/09 Kurt Johnson Alaska GMC Promise and challenge of digital rocks
(presentation slides 9 MB)
(video recording - 88 MB)
03/16 Katrina Cox Core Laboratories RAPIDZoom™ core and thin sections: Digitalization of Umiat and Square Lake energy core
(video recording - 188 MB)
03/23 Matthew Andrew Carl Zeiss X-ray Microscopy, Inc. Bringing petrography into the digital age: automating acquisition, analysis & quantification of thin sections using the Axioscan 7, advanced algorithms and machine learning
(video recording - 275 MB)
03/30 Dale Blue

Caroline Mignot
Halliburton Diskos 2.0: The National Digital Resource for exploration and production in Norway
(video recording - 182 MB)
04/06 Cancelled
04/13 Georgina Gordon

Carsten Laukamp
Geological Survey of South Australia

CSIRO Mineral Resources
Virtual Core Libraries: Implementation and the impacts of making this resource readily accessible. Insights from the Geological Survey of South Australia and AuScop's National Virtual Core Library
(video recording - 193 MB)
04/20 Marie-Christine Ferland Photon etc. Modular multi-sensor core scanning platform for geological applications
(video recording - 93.4 MB)
04/27 Philip Lypaczewski College of the North Atlantic Hyperspectral imaging as a public geoscience tool - Early results of a drill core digitization program in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
(video recording - 174 MB)
05/04 Gary Thompson

Douglas Morrison
College of the North Atlantic

Centre for Excellence in Mining
The Mining Innovation Commercialization Accelerator (MICA) and the role of Canadian colleges in advancing geosciences
(video recording - 122 MB)
05/11 Rescheduled
MS Teams
Jacob Proctor Ingrain - A Halliburton Service Data acquisition campaign for Alaska reservoirs
05/25 *
MS Teams
Guy Oliver

David McKnight
Geolog Americas Inc.

Hitachi Vantara
A digital-cuttings drill-down, with examples from the Geolog Americas Nanushuk-Torok Regional Cuttings Consortium
06/01 *
MS Teams
Katrina Cox Senior Geologist, Core Labratories Non-Invasive Technologies for Reservoir Optimization (NITRO) on the Umiat Core
06/01 *
MS Teams
Katrina Cox Senior Geologist, Core Labratories Advanced Cuttings Collection and Reservoir Expression in Cuttings
MS Teams
Rainer Bärs

Phil Harris
Spectral Imaging Ltd.

TerraCore Africa
A geological tool for digital transformation: The SisuROCK Hyperspectral Scanner

*Hybrid Webinar/Live GMC talk


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