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GMC Technical Sessions

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September 9: Alaska Geologic Materials Center Advisory Board

Initiate formation of the advisory board.

  • Agenda:

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  • Focus:

    Bring together an integration of stakeholders seeking to expand the geological knowledge of Alaska utilizing public domain holdings and to better connect these advanced datasets to the public. We seek participation of representatives from industry, academia, government, and other geologic organizations.

July 22: Alaska Resource Coalition

Missed this webinar? The recorded webcast is available below.

  • Webinar recording:

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  • Focus:

    The Alaska GMC continues the campaign to bring resource organizations together to generate new advanced data analysis capacities in Alaska. Participation in these discussions require no financial commitment and assume no obligation to participate in the Halliburton commercial proposal.

June 30: Data Acquisition Campaign for Alaska Reservoirs

Missed this webinar? The recorded webcast is available below.

Ingrain | halliburton.com

Ingrain: A Halliburton Service specializes in 3D imaging and quantitative analysis of rock characteristics through high resolution, surface data logging.

Ingrain brings experience conducting large scale image acquisition campaigns with state-of-the-art techniques relevant for Alaskan reservoirs. They deployed a mobile 24/7 lab to Anchorage in 2013 which included the design and construction of thermally regulated sample holders for sensitive reservoir rock; and in 2012, they imaged for the ANH of Colombia over 31,000 ft of core and 4,300 plugs in 4 months. The value was considered so high, that the Colombian government enacted legislation mandating 3D dual energy CT scanning be collected on all core collected in Colombia. Ingrain will feature focused discussions on foundational data acquisition techniques required for machine learning workflows focused on mineralogy, porosity, depositional environment, or grains size distribution.

Technology in Focus

  • Dual Energy CoreHD® 3D imaging
  • Benchtop spectral gamma ray logging
  • Hyperspectral Logging
  • Thin section micrograph imaging
  • Machine Learning for grain size logging
  • XRF

These data sets will be collected for 18,000 feet of core, 10,000 bags of cuttings, and 12,500 thin sections. Data will be delivered in the CoreMemory® data store and will include an integrated 3D, 2D, and 1D visualization software, and includes a 3D rock segmentation software.


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