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School Visits

Special classroom lessons with a working scientist are a fun way to introduce students to earth science. Better yet, is hands-on work with rocks, dirt, and tools to engage all their senses. DGGS scientists have a knowledge of and experience in a variety of earth science topics. If you are interested in having a DGGS geologist visit your classroom or school, please contact us for more information.

Because travel in Alaska is expensive, and our staff have busy schedules, it may not always be possible for our staff to visit your classroom, especially on short notice. Here are some ideas to maximize our time with students.

Proximity and easy road access to your location are helpful, but not critical. DGGS' main office is in Fairbanks; therefore, it is always easier for us to visit local schools. We also have staff at the Geologic Materials Center in Anchorage who are great at engaging with students. Geologic projects often take our staff to remote locations all over the state. Schools further out on the road system or in fly-in villages can take advantage of our travels by inviting field geologists to the school or community for a presentation.

By submitting inquiries early, such as when you are developing lesson plans for the school year, we will have a chance to plan a potential visit, along with our other work in your area.

Although scheduling might be difficult, please consider sending us an open invitation to your school, as we look forward to building standing relationships with educators and students.

More outreach pictures...
geologist in minto teaching
Geologist De Anne Stevens teaches Minto village residents and officials how to read topographic maps as part of an education-outreach initiative supporting place-based education for rural Alaska communities.
gmc outreach with students
GMC Curator Kurt Johnson introduces students to important rock formations in Alaska.


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