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Education Outreach

DGGS scientists really enjoy attending community science outreach events, such as Earth Day festivities and job, environmental health, and school science fairs. If you would like one of our geologists to attend your event, please contact us for more information. DGGS frequently releases information to the public through our website and social media accounts, and sometimes individual project managers also conduct targeted education outreach as part of their research projects. Several of our projects involve citizen science data collection and we encourage you to submit your data to DGGS, helping us fill in Alaska's data gaps and make new science discoveries.

More outreach pictures...
Science fair

Geologist and cartographer Patricia Gallagher judges a science fair project.

UAF Science Research Academy permafrost

Geohydrologist Ronald Daanen leads a "permafrost" field trip into Goldstream Valley for students from UAF's Alaska Science Research Academy.

St. Paul Island panorama

The remote island of St. Paul is located in the middle of the Bering Sea, about 300 miles from Mainland Alaska. Earthquake geologist Barrett Salisbury and Alaska Earthquake Center tsunami modeler Dmitry Nicolsky visited the island to speak with community members about tsunami preparedness.

Programs & Projects with an Outreach Component

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