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Geologic map of the south-central Sagavanirktok Quadrangle, North Slope, Alaska

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Gillis, R.J., Decker, P.L., Wartes, M.A., Loveland, A.M., and Hubbard, T.D., 2014, Geologic map of the south-central Sagavanirktok Quadrangle, North Slope, Alaska: Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys Report of Investigation 2014-4, 24 p., 2 sheets, scale 1:63,360. https://doi.org/10.14509/29138

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Alaska Pipeline; Albian; Apatite; Arctic Alaska; Arctic Alaska Terrane; Arctic National Wildlife Refuge; Aufeis Anticline; Aufeis State #1; Brookian; Brooks Range; Campanian; Cannery Formation; Cenomanian; Cenozoic; Colville Basin; Coniacian; Cretaceous; Cross Section; Dalton Highway; Echooka River; Energy Resources; Energy Section Maps of Interest; Exhumation; Fission Track; Geologic Map; Gilead Sandstone; Happy Valley; Hue Shale; Hydrocarbon; Icecut; Icecut Thrust Fault; Inoceramus; Ivishak Anticline; Ivishak River; Kingak Shale; Kuparuk Anticline; Kuparuk Thrust Fault; Lower Cretaceous Unconformity; Lupine Anticline; Lupine River; Lupine State #1; Lupine Thrust Fault; Lupinvanirktok; Maastrichtian; Nanushuk Formation; North Slope; Oil Seeps; Oil and Gas Basin; Paleocene; Petroleum; Philip Smith Mountains; Planolites; Prince Creek Formation; Regression; STATEMAP Project; Sagashak Creek; Sagashak Syncline; Sagavanirktok Formation; Sagavanirktok River; Sagavanirktok River Glaciation; Sagwon Anticline; Sagwon Bluffs; Sagwon Member; Santonian; Schrader Bluff Formation; Seabee Formation; Sedimentary Rocks; Seismic Interpretation; Sequence Stratigraphy; Susie Anticline; Susie State #1; Thermal History; Thermal Maturity; Thermochronology; Toolik Syncline; Torok Formation; Trace Fossils; Trans-Alaska Pipeline; Transgression; Turonian; Uplift; Visean; Well Logs; Wenlockian; White Hills Member; Ypresian; Zanclean; geoscientificInformation

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