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DGGS RI 2020-9B

Northeast Tanacross geologic map and map units and descriptions

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Wypych, Alicja, Hubbard, T.D., Naibert, T.J., Athey, J.E., Newberry, R.J., Sicard, K.R., Twelker, Evan, Werdon, M.B., Willingham, A.L., Wyatt, W.C., and Lockett, A.C., 2021, Northeast Tanacross geologic map and map units and descriptions, in Wypych, Alicja, ed., Northeast Tanacross geologic mapping project, Alaska: Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys Report of Investigation 2020-9B, p. 9-26, 1 sheet, scale 1:63,360. https://doi.org/10.14509/30539

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Aerial; Aerial Photography; Alluvial; Alluvial Deposits; Amphibolite; Amphibolite Facies Units; Bedrock Creek; Bedrock Geology; Big Timber Creek; Cherry Creek; Colluvial Deposits; Complex Deposits; Cretaceous; Crow Creek; Devonian; Dewey Creek; Divide Mountain; Dude Creek; Fishhook Bend; Fortymile Mining District; GIS; GeMS DB L3 Compliant; GeMS DB v1pt1; Geologic; Geologic Map; Geologic Mapping Standards; Glacial Deposits; Gold Bar Creek; Igneous; Igneous Rocks; Klondike Assemblage; Lake George Assemblage; Late Cretaceous; Late Triassic; Liberty Creek; McCord Creek; McElfish Creek; McKinley Creek; Metamorphic; Metamorphic Rocks; Metasedimentary Rocks; Mississippian; Nasina Assemblage; Orthogneiss; Paleozoic; Permian; Prindle Volcano; Quartzite; Quaternary; Remote Sensing; Schist; Sedimentary; Sedimentary Rocks; Sixtymile River; Surficial; Surficial Geology; Tom Paine Creek; Triassic; geoscientificInformation

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