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Coastal Hazards

Coastal Flooding and Erosion Around the State

Here is a brief snapshot of coastal flooding and erosion effects on communities throughout Alaska.

Coastal flooding and erosion around the state

Many coastal communities and installations around the state are subject to flood and/or erosion hazards according to government reporting (GAO, 2003; GAO, 2009; USACE, 2009; IAWG, 2009). Symbol shape represents the coastal setting (exposed, sheltered, or riverine) and color identifies whether a community is subject to, or possibly subject to, flooding and/or erosion. Black symbols show locations that have not been identified as subject to flooding and/or erosion.

About the Program

Alaska's extensive shorelines are incompletely mapped and poorly monitored for the evaluation of coastal dynamics. The DGGS Coastal Hazards Program is engaged in ongoing investigations that will expand our understanding of how the coastline has evolved and how it will respond to hazardous events and long-term changes. This program is dedicated to fostering scientific partnerships that will improve the quality and quantity of the critical baseline data that are necessary to fuel informed decision-making throughout the state.

Highlight Publications

Coastal Flooding & Erosion in Alaska

This two page document summarizes coastal flood and erosion hazards in Alaska and what datasets and mapping tools are used to determine vulnerabilities to these hazards.

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