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Coastal Preparedness

Informed coastal planning, facilitated by access to reliable decision-making tools, will help protect life, infrastructure, and the environment. DGGS projects that seek to close communication gaps, convert available data into a useful format, and educate the public about coastal processes, are designed to support decision-making and minimize losses due to new or exacerbated hazards in the coastal environment.

Color index map

Color-indexed elevation maps for flood-vulnerable coastal communities in western Alaska.

Use the color-indexed maps as an aid when communicating about incoming or past storms. The maps allow the user to convert between storm models, relative to tidal datums and local elevations and infrastructure, and are available for 13 communities in western Alaska.

Alaska Shoreline Change Tool

The Alaska Shoreline Change Tool shows where the shoreline has been, as well as where it is projected to be in the future. As a result, the shoreline projection indicates where local infrastructure or cultural resources or access points may be impacted by erosion for timescales of 2025-2035. Projections are currently available for three communities in western Alaska.

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