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Volcanology Staff

The Volcanology Section, established in 2007, focuses on the processes and hazards associated with the more than 50 active volcanoes in Alaska. The section is home for the DGGS participants in the Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO), an interagency collaboration between the U.S. Geological Survey, University of Alaska Fairbanks Geophysical Institute, and DGGS. Volcanology Section staff conduct geologic studies of active volcanoes to estimate their future eruptive potential and behavior, thus aiding in mitigating volcano-hazard risks. Results of these studies are released as maps and reports. The section also creates and maintains a very large, public, web-accessible database of information on volcano history and current activity, as well as an internal website providing communication, record keeping, and data sharing within AVO.

image of Cameron, Cheryl E.

Cameron, Cheryl E.

Geologist, (907) 451-5012

Chief, Volcanology Section - Alaska Volcano Observatory geologic database, hazard communications, petrography, and volcanology

image of Bull, Kate F.

Bull, Kate F.

Geologist, (907) 451-5968

Field logistics coordination

image of Crass, Scott W.

Crass, Scott W.

Analyst/Programmer, (907) 451-5033

AVO website, internal software, server and database administration

image of Harmon, Dain M.

Harmon, Dain M.

Analyst/Programmer, (907) 451-5042

image of Mitchell, Mitch G.

Mitchell, Mitch G.

Natural Resource Tech, (907) 451-5010

image of Nastan, Abigail M.

Nastan, Abigail M.

Geologist, (907) 451-5005

image of Zirnheld, Lee L.

Zirnheld, Lee L.

Geologist, (907) 451-5027

Field logistics coordination

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