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Geologic Information Center Staff

The Geologic Information Center publishes and delivers Division-generated geologic information to the public and maintains and improves public access to Alaska's geologic and earth science information. Advances in computer technology have resulted in faster preparation of maps and reports and a wider awareness of DGGS's available Alaska geologic resources. This section designs, implements, maintains, and improves a database for the Division's digital and map-based geological, geophysical, and geochemical data; a database for the Division's physical samples; interactive maps; and websites for the Division and the Alaska Seismic Hazards Safety Commission.

image of Hendricks, Michael D.

Hendricks, Michael D.

GIS Analyst, (907) 451-5029

Chief, Geologic Information Section - Mike Hendricks joined DGGS as a geospatial data manager and analyst in 2014. He is responsible for geospatial data management and distribution at DGGS. He also develops geospatial databases, GIS web services, tools, models and maps to support the Division's geologic mission. Previous to his position with the DGGS, Mike served on the faculty of the United States Military Academy's Geospatial Information Science Program, at West Point New York, where he taught GIS, designed cartographic products, and conducted applied research in land navigation education using location-based technology.

image of Athey, Jennifer E.

Athey, Jennifer E.

Geologist, (907) 451-5028

Jen is the lead data manager for DGGS, and is involved in multiple data management projects from digital field data collection to data compilation projects to construction of online data delivery applications.

image of Cerny, Thomas L.

Cerny, Thomas L.

Micro/Network Technician, (907) 451-5004

Tom is the division's resident personal computer medic. He has a knack for successfully diagnosing and treating a multitude of symptoms-from the "blue screen of death" to corrupt drivers to obscure settings in Windows and Outlook. He's charged with retiring equipment that can no longer keep up, and setting up all new computer hardware.

image of Herbst, Andrew M.

Herbst, Andrew M.

GIS Analyst, (907) 451-5025

Andrew has developed his geographic career based on the principle of quality data, beginning in 2014 as a quality control specialist in support of the Alaska Statewide Digital Mapping Initiative. Andrew joined DGGS in 2018 and has continued his geographic efforts as a resource for all things elevation. When he isn't flying lidar and photogrammetric surveys throughout the state, he can be found in his office, where he maintains Alaska's elevation data inventory.

image of Janssen, Kristen A.

Janssen, Kristen A.

Publications Specialist, (907) 451-5017

Kristen is tasked with publishing DGGS maps and reports as specified in AS 41.08.030: "Printing and Distribution of Reports. The state geologist shall print and publish an annual report and other special and topical reports and maps as may be desirable for the benefit of the State, including the printing or reprinting of reports and maps by other persons or agencies, where the authorization to do so is obtained." Kristen creates the layout, tracks the publications through the process, coordinates between authors and outside reviewers, prepares publications for posting online, and distributes them to agencies, libraries, the Governor and legislative members, as needed.

image of Macpherson, Amy E.

Macpherson, Amy E.

GIS Analyst, (907) 451-5039

image of Montayne, Simone

Montayne, Simone

Geologist, (907) 451-5036

Simone is a geologist tasked with a wide variety of duties necessary to provide readily accessible geologic information to the public and to ensure systematic stewardship of legacy data. Her work includes ongoing development and maintenance of the Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys online publications library, organizing modern geologic data for online distribution, and overseeing DGGS's continually growing inventory of published and unpublished historic geologic data. Simone compiles all of the division's metadata files and has over ten years of experience working with the FGDC metadata standards. Simone routinely uses several programming languages and technologies including SQL, PHP, HTML, CSS, XML, and JSP. She also manages the division's field safety and communication equipment cache and serves as chairperson for the DGGS Field Operations Safety committee.

image of Nudson, Oralee N.

Nudson, Oralee N.

Systems Programmer, (907) 451-5022
image of Rivera, Pedro G., Jr.

Rivera, Pedro G., Jr.

GIS Analyst, (907) 451-5010
image of Seitz, Susan S.

Seitz, Susan S.

Analyst/Programmer, (907) 451-5052

Database and application development

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