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Geothermal Energy

Alaska is geothermally active with 97 known thermal springs. It is one of eight states generating electricity from geothermal energy. Alaska's first geothermal power plant at Chena Hot Springs has a generating capacity of 730 kilowatts and began operation in 2006.

Access the full featured Geothermal Sites of Alaska web application.

Alaska Geothermal Database

The Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys (DGGS) completed a cooperative project with the National Geothermal Data System on thermal springs and related geothermal data of Alaska. The Alaska geothermal database modules include comprehensive information on thermal springs, including temperature and flow rates, direct use, aqueous spring chemistry, physical samples, volcanic vents, geothermal wells, borehole temperature data and geothermal references.

Geothermal Sites of Alaska

DGGS developed an interactive geothermal web application that brings together various data services related to geothermal sites throughout Alaska.

  • Geothermal springs: Includes temperature and flow information. Spring location uncertainty and data sources are also included.
  • Geothermal wells: Location and name only
  • Volcanoes: Direct from the Historically Active Volcanoes of Alaska service
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