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Golovin Beach & Storm Monitoring

Since 2012, DGGS has collected beach elevation data at transects around the Golovin Spit to monitor erosion and have collected photographs to document coastal storm impacts. Beach elevation transects were collected using survey-grade GNSS GPS. Photographs of storm surge inundation have been provided by multiple sources, including the Chinik Eskimo Community. Funding for this work was originally provided by the Coastal Impact Assistance Program. Since 2015, funding has been provided by many sources, including DGGS, the Alaska Institute for Justice, and the Alaska Ocean Observing System.

Cross-shore elevation transects and site map

Erosing monitoring site Golovin, Alaska

Click for enlarged PDF version of the erosion monitoring site map.

Coastal elevation profiles Golovin, Alaska

Click for enlarged PDF version of the coastal elevation profiles.

Photos of coastal storm impacts

Graduate student dissertation: Patterns and potential solutions to coastal geohazards at Golovin, Alaska

Other DGGS reporting on Golovin

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